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Meet The Trainer


Hi! I’m Ben, and it’s fantastic to e-meet you.

You’ve clicked on this page to find out a little about me so here goes. Although, fair warning, my passion is training people and definitely not writing. I’ll do my best for you...

I’m a born and bred Wodonga boy who has always been passionate about keeping fit and well. I know that the word ‘passion’ is thrown around way too much and has somewhat lost its meaning, but those who know me will absolutely describe me as passionate about staying active, fit and well. They’d also say I’m very easy going. If there’s one thing I’m not as a trainer, it’s pushy or loud or in-your-face cut throat. If that’s the trainer you’re after, I’m definitely not your man. But rather I’d say I’m a motivator through encouragement, support, understanding and most importantly friendship. My clients become my friends, and my friends make up the BLF community I love to grow and nurture.

I’ve always, always been involved in sport. From a young age and right through after high school I’ve been an active member of the Wodonga Athletics Club. I made it as far as a state 400m runner until an injury stopped me in my tracks. So if you have an injury issue and not sure if you can (or should) train, I’m the man for you. Believe me, I know how debilitating and frustrating it can be to want to just do it, but your body says hell no. I’m also proud to train many people with physical limitations and disabilities, successfully improving their way of life.

I also love and enjoy playing hockey with the Wodonga Bulldogs and for the state team the Spitfires. Wish me luck this season!

Every other night of the week I also play social badminton at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre and social table tennis when I can.

See, when I told you I love sport and staying active I meant it! It’s my passion and my release and Ibelieve everyone needs something they love to do that’s their release too.

I always knew I wanted to work with people in the fitness space and studied Personal Training straight out of high school, I’ve been a trainer my entire working life.

So as you can tell, I don’t have a wonderful rags-to-weightloss story to share with you all to encourage you to join our community. I can’t say, ‘hey train with me because I’ve been in your shoes’.

But what I have experienced though, is watching people near and dear to me go through weight loss struggles. I believe the empathy I’ve developed is because I’ve stood side by side some of the people I love on a mental and physical roller coaster as they’ve tried to shed the KGs. I watched them lose lots, only to put it back on. Because of self-sabotage, because of unchecked medical conditions, because of fad diets, supps, shakes and programs that do more harm than good.

Until I discovered Metabolic Precision, a science-based program that follows a holistic approach that teaches people how to eat healthy without restrictions or counting calories, and also how to perform resistance training safely and correctly to achieve results and keep them. Personally, I had found a program that I truly believe in, in its simplicity, in its proof and scientific backing and in its ability to teach and transform for life!

If results have been something that always seems impossible for you to achieve or you get the results but then lose them again, we can help you just look at what our clients have achieved.



  • Metabolic Precision certificate 1
  • Metabolic Precision certificate 2
  • Metabolic Precision certificate 3
  • Metabolic Precision certificate 4
  • Metabolic Precision certificate 5 (Only 40 in the the world!)
  • Advanced Thump Boxing instructor
  • Certificate 3 in Fitness
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness