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Virtual ICE Group Fitness

Being at home is no longer an excuse

There is nothing more boring and unmotivating then a YouTube workout or an app with no support or guidance

We want to be with you 100% of the way. Our mission is to create the same accountability, support and guidance as a face to face personal training session. We can do this via a 2-way conference where we can guide and support you, while also being able to demonstrate every exercise for you. It is more important than ever to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. We will help you achieve amazing results at home with a strong support network and a safe unjudgemental community behind you. ​

  • Easy to use and set up
  • We structure to optimize calorie expenditure!
  • Little equipment required (smartphone, tablet or laptop)
  • Our sessions are designed to suit beginners & all fitness levels!
  • Exhilarating, fun, safe, result-producing workouts!
  • We exercise together for motivation & support
  • Be a part of our amazing community 

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