01 Aug, 2019

The big Nd the small


It is especially hard to stay on track when the weekend rolls around.

Even getting through your Saturday and Sunday with plenty of healthy

meals should be considered a huge achievement. Super proud of our Hollie

who last weekend wrote...

"Be proud of ALL your achievements - big and small 👏 This may not

look like much but this was a huge step on my health journey tonight.

I'm home alone and after finishing another long work day all I

wanted was to curl up on the couch with some takeaway pizza and relax.

The idea of getting into the kitchen to cook a meal seemed exhausting. I

even started to google 'pizza delivery' on my phone and my finger

hovered over the search results... But I couldn't do it. Every time I

went to press on a link I asked myself: will this be worth it? Is this

what I really want? Can I be proud of myself tomorrow for this decision?

I put my phone down. I asked myself why do I want the takeaway? Is

it because I really craved the pizza? The answer was no. It was because

it would be a convienience. Because it would be a quick fix to my hunger

and would save me worrying about what to make to eat. I decided this

wasn't good enough. I drank some water and allowed myself 15 minutes to

sit down and relax without worrying about my dinner options. By the end

of this my hunger had eased a little.

Without much second thought I headed to the kitchen to create this

delicious omelette with sautéed kale 😍🍴 It tastes awesome and it took

less time than pizza would take to deliver. I know it's much better for

my body.

Tonight I'm proud of my achievement. I'm proud that with every day I

strive to improve myself and my habits so I can be a healthier me 💪

You don't need to be at your goals to be proud of achievements. Take a moment to be proud of YOU 👍"

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