01 Aug, 2019

My Weekly Shopping List


What's in my weekly shop? It's not as exciting as you'd think!

So many people think that building and maintaining a lean physique involves complicated and long meal preps, recipes, counting calories, macros, grams and more.

The reality of Metabolic Precision is that with the basic principles you learn, you can adapt your meals to suit your tastes, budget and what’s in season.

My partner and I have worked out a fairly consistent weekly shopping list that gets us through the week with lots of variety and not a great deal of effort.

We've found that we can make almost anything with these staples!

Here's an outline of our list and some of our favourite things to make with them:

  • Eggs -mini quiches for breakfasts on the run and easy ‘cbf’ dinner omelettes.
  • Mince beef - taco mince, hamburger rissoles, Bolognese – great to have for both inside and outside your Metabolic Window.
  • Chicken breast - poached and sliced, diced in stir-fry’s, stuffed with delicious things like spinach and sundried tomato.
  • Chicken thighs -the best to pop in a slow cooker curry in the morning, or pesto marinade and grill on the BBQ
  • Dates -a few of these after dinner curbs ANY sweet dessert craving and left to soak through chia pudding makes a delicious caramel-like swirl
  • Greek yogurt -so versatile for sweet or savoury meals. Mix with apple, berries, cinnamon and protein for a complete, sweet meal. Add to curries to refresh
  • Goji berries -another sweet pop – add these to salads or through yogurt and they’re cheap at Aldi
  • Milk - for our morning coffees and in omelettes
  • Ham/bacon -sliced ham for mini quiche bases, diced and mixed into omelettes, salads, stuffed chicken
  • Black chia seeds -for a big batch of chia pudding! Mix one can of coconut milk with ¾ cup of chia pudding and add all your favourite things… blueberries, cinnamon, mango
  • Lettuce -lettuce cups for tacos, shredded in lunch salads
  • Capsicum -diced this can be added to everything… omelettes, curry, casseroles! Pop some in your Bolognese or stuff your Bolognese in them!
  • Broccoli -I steam a big batch of broccoli to have on hand to add to my proteins for an instant meal
  • Onions -a no brainer… dice and add to every meal as your base
  • Cauliflower -not my favourite but Nat uses cauliflower to make pizza bases and cauliflower rice when shes’s feeling creative
  • Carrots -I steam carrots with my broccoli… it’s a one pot wonder
  • Apples -to grab and go
  • Cheese -light, tasty shredded cheese makes anything better

These are all the items we tend to go through each week because most are fresh. However here are a few pantry staples that help as well:


  • Flaxseed tablets -for the ALL important Omega-3 with each meal
  • Frozen fish fillets -for times I run out of protein, it’s easy to steam
  • Frozen peas/corn -something else you can add to just about any savoury meal to boost the veg content and add to your rainbows
  • Seasoning -we’re loving Aldi Tuscan seasoning on roast pumpkin, on top of mini quiches and in hamburger rissoles
  • Canned beans/lentils - to add to meals to ‘beef’ up the beef! Add a can of lentils to taco mince while it’s cooking and you won’t even know it’s there
  • Light coconut milk -for chia pudding, to add to curries or a nice flavour alternative to milk in frittatas
  • Taco kits -can we tell we love tacos?
  • Pasta/rice -easy to whip up a post workout option
  • Herbs -from our garden
  • Lemon -easy squeezy way to add a fresh zing to meals

I may have missed something in this list, but I hope it shows that with the right staples anything is possible!

It’s all about knowing what each meal should contain… after that the supermarket is your oyster! Ha!

I’d love to know what’s on your shopping list too!

What meals do you create with your staples?

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