01 Aug, 2019




I have been in the industry for over 5 years and have heard countless times ‘I can’t train, I have this injury, I’m sore here, I’m sore there’. A majority of the time it’s just a way of saying “YES” I have an excuse not to train today.

I have trained clients who have had multiple knee constructions, hernias, rolled ankles, shoulder injuries etc. but what I have learnt is that there is always a way around the injury no matter how big or small it is.

I have found that using common sense you can avoid the injury until it has had enough time to repair by working other muscle groups.

You can also use super light weights to activate the area to strengthening the zone, all depending on the type of injury of course.

For example, I fractured my pointer finger playing hockey on the weekend. You would think straight away, oh no, I can’t work out, I can’t hold the bar.. at least, that would be the thought of someone who didn’t truly want to achieve their goals.

All I had to do however was adjust my grip, put on some wraps to take away the pressure from the area and presto I had no pain and I was able to smash a workout pain free!

Never think that you have to skip this workout because I have an injury, find an alternative or work a different muscle group.

Of course, make sure to get the injury checked out by the correct professional depending on severity of the injury e.g doc, phiso, chiros.

But at the end of the day your personal trainer should be able to accommodate your injury and help you through it. Please don’t avoid us if you are injured!

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