01 Aug, 2019

“I am starting to realise how valuable you were to me…”


“I am starting to realise how valuable you were to me…” This was part of a text I received last week from a former client who decided to go it alone and sign up to a recently opened commercial gym (which I completely respect).

The conversation I had with her prompted me to reflect on exactly what I offer my clients this week, as I meet with potential Boyd’s Leading Fitness members ahead of the next MP Transformation Challenge. Too often I get asked this and only this: how much is your challenge? And on the surface it shouldn’t seem like a tough one to answer, a value is a value, right? But I think a more fitting question is, how much will I receive? What will I get from you that I wouldn’t get by going it alone? What will I get from you as a Metabolic Precision specialist that I wouldn’t get from anywhere else?

How can you quantify all the things you receive from a personal trainer?

Aside from the ongoing motivation and the accountability you can’t escape, it’s the substantial wealth of nutrition knowledge and exercise knowledge that people need to make exercise a success. Not all exercise is created equal and not all exercise is right for everyone. This is something I discussed with my former client as she described to me the exercise plan that was written ‘especially for her’; she same plan that almost mirrored her gym friend despite having very different goals. Doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot of ‘personal’ in that training.

I read the plan that this former client received and I was a little shocked.

Will she lose fat? Probably. This ‘personal trainer’ has suggested she completes a full body work out 4 days a week with cardio every other day. Let that sink in! How many hours must that be in the gym every day?

But will she burn out in about a month? You bet ya.

And will she maintain the program? Your guess is as good as mine.

And after all this will that ‘personal trainer’ motivate her through the program, guide her as she goes and adjust the program if need be? Will the ‘trainer’ take her calls any time of day and always be on hand to answer questions about nutrition, goals and challenges? Will the ‘trainer’ offer her a supportive community of people to train with, be inspired by, laugh and cry with? Not likely.

As a personal trainer I pride myself on the value I offer to my clients and this conversation has only made me for thankful and confident in knowing that absolutely I do offer something special. The Metabolic Precision program is a scientifically proven system and I am one of only 76 in the world to offer this level 4 service.

So how much is the 12 week challenge worth? It’s worth someone who will motivate, encourage, support and educate you, if you really do want to change your body for the rest of their life. And whether it be myself, another trainer or program, you really do need to find the right fit for you – what do you value?

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