01 Aug, 2019

70 Years Young


Meet Warren, a 70 year old war veteran who has pretty much any illness you can name under the sun. I know that sounds a little extreme but the list is honestly too long to recite.

Just to make things interesting, Warren also let me know about his 3 knee reconstructions and 3 hernias during our first meeting!

Warren started training with Boyd’s Leading Fitness after his daughter convinced him to give it a try at the beginning of 2014. He hasn’t looked back.

Since he has started Warren has lost over 20 cm from his waist line and a staggering 10kg of body weight.

All this from 2 x 30 minute sessions a week, some better food choices and a daily walk of his dog.

Warren has undergone surgeries since be began training to remedy long standing health issues, and always comes back to the gym as soon as he gets the all clear from his doctor.

If anyone ever says to me “I’m too old” or “I have a bad knee” as an excuse not to train, I recall Warren’s amazing story to convince them otherwise. Never use your body’s limitations as an excuse. The limitation is in your mind.

So go on, tell me you can’t – I dare you!


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